Alexander Green Roof: The Finished Product

Alexander Green Roof

Alexander Green Roof



  1. I am a fan of Green roofing technology. Great to see you guys helping to promote and inform about it. your blog is very nice and full of information

  2. What I really liked about this blog was the fact that we got to see the whole project from start to finish and that it is actualy a very manageable project. Often these types of roffs are show as huge architectural masterpieces whereas this was a masterpiece in simplicity. We need to use our roof spaces much more effectively and this type of project leads the way so many congratulations. Another use for roof spaces is solar and I think that we need to have both green and solar on more roofs. A petition to encourage more world leaders to promote this is available at

  3. Francisco Solís

    I would really like to know the type of membrane that you used for the dranage and waterproofing the greenroof area. if someone can contact me with any of this information it would really help me.

    • Erika

      Hi Francisco,

      I used Soprema’s Sopradrain for the drainage and filter cloth layer, and Soprema’s Microfab as a root barrier. Check out the specs here


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